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      Thomas Carr

        Hello all, I thought it would be a good way to open up the discussion about smoking cessation by first discussing what the barriers to smoking prevention are.

        For example, based on my discussions with a former smoker, a large barrier that used to be in the way for people was their ability to smoke indoors at pubs and bars. This made it very difficult for him to give us smoking as despite his best efforts to do so, being surrounded by other smokers made the craving to smoke stronger and stronger. Since the ban on indoor smoking happened in 2007, many have found it easier to quit due to their social surroundings not involving smoking inside where it is easily accessible anymore.

        We must recognize that giving up smoking is not likely to be done overnight, in fact it is a long process that can take longer than many realise however one that is worth it in the end.

        Does anyone else know any further barriers to prevent people from quitting? Please get involved in the discussion to help others out with your story’s.

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