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      Thomas Carr

        Hello everyone, after the last two posts about the relevance and danger of obesity in the UK, I felt it would be helpful to highlight some ways in which we can overcome obesity.

        From my research, the main methods of weight loss/ weight management I can offer would be:

        – Choosing healthier foods (whole grains, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and protein sources) and beverages

        – Limiting unhealthy foods (refined grains and sweets, potatoes, red meat, processed meat) and beverages (sugary drinks)

        – Increasing physical activity

        – Limiting television time, screen time, and other “sit time”

        – Improving sleep

        Source: Harvard School of Public Health

        Obviously these methods will not work for everyone and it is important to remember that like with many lifestyle changes, this will not happen overnight. It will take time to achieve your weight loss goals. However these are a good starting point to finding out what works best for you. If possible, you could attempt one of the above methods and see if the effects improve your physical and mental health.

        Therefore, why not make it a late New Years Resolution and start this January with your targets set to be completed by the end of the year. In 12 months you could become more healthy and in turn greatly reduce your risk of weight related illness.

        Please feel free to post your opinions or progress here I would love to talk to you all more about this.

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