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      Thomas Carr

        Hello everyone, I made this topic to outline a few ways we can save money in this current cost of living crisis. Obviously some will be more beneficial than others however I would appreciate if anyone else could get involved and maybe talk a bit about money saving methods they know of to help each other out.

        – Turn off your plugs during the day. Research from British Gas shows that 23% of our energy usage comes from ‘vampire devices’ — these are gadgets that use up a significant amount of energy while they’re on standby such as your TV, Kitchen appliances and phone chargers. You could save roughly £147 a year. Centrica

        – Save money on fuel if possible by driving slower. Reducing your speed from 70mph to 60mph on the motorway could save you up to 25% in fuel. Trying to drive more smoothly, with less hard accelerating or breaking, will mean that your engine doesn’t have to work as hard, using less fuel as a result. Good Housekeeping

        – Don’t use your boot for storage! If you have bikes, golf clubs or furniture kicking about in the boot, you could be increasing the amount of fuel your car uses Good Housekeeping

        – Drop that unused gym subscription. If you never actually go to the gym, don’t extend your contract. Find free exercise classes on YouTube instead. Readers Digest

        – Kill your zombie subscriptions. Brits waste a tenner a month on “zombie” subscriptions to streaming and others services they never use. It’s time to cancel them – Readers Digest

        Here are a few websites as well if anyone would like to read up some more on money saving methods.
        Readers Digest
        Evening Standard
        Manchester City Council

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