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      Thomas Carr

        Interview – Hospital traffic light system

        Hello everyone, here is the transcript of an interview we did with Paul Hughes and his carer Kevin Flynn about the ‘Traffic Light System’ employed in hospitals. ‘The traffic light system’ is a well known practice that is applied in hospitals and care homes to effectively communicate the level of assistance needed by patients or resident.

        Questions asked by Eamon Hasoon. Answers provided by Paul Hughes & his carer, Kevin Flynn

        Have you used the hospital traffic light system before?

        Yes, we (Paul & I) have used them before- we think it is a fantastic idea. Paul always has a carer with him so it is not essential for him to have this- but it would be (essential) if he was alone in a hospital setting. We are not sure how widespread the system is across NHS settings.

        Have you seen this system being used often in hospital settings?

        We feel that it is a fantastic tool, but the usage is hit and miss across different services.

        How does it help you?

        It is brilliant for staff as it makes their job easier- they can access information which will help deliver the best possible service to the patient. Paul is able to know that he will have his likes/dislikes catered for and any special adjustments made, thanks to the system.
        For example, I need support when having an x-ray. I like to have a hand-rail on my bed when lay flat, so that I know that I will be safe & not fall off. If the system is in place, staff will know to provide this to me!

        Would you like to tell us more?

        I would like all NHS services to provide some kind of traffic light system- be this the dentist, gp or hospital. The more help we can give our NHS staff, the better the service provided will be.

        How have you found NHS services since the pandemic ended?

        My services have been okay, but I would prefer more face-to-face appointments where possible. I am not confident or comfortable with telephone appointments.

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