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      Thomas Carr

        Hello everyone, here is the transcript of an interview we did with Wayne Trevor from HeadFitUK. This has some great information and advice to offer below this so please if you have a minute, have a read as it maybe helpful to you.

        Wayne runs the Organization HeadFitUK who support happy lives through mental fitness programmes and 1 to 1 coaching. All of his social media details are at the end of the interview so by all means, follow his work and drop him a few likes.


        Hi Wayne how’s it going?

        WT: It’s going great thanks. It’s Monday morning, grey and rainy but I’ve already been to the gym, and now I get to work at a job I love. Later today I’ll be working on an innovation project helping a London visitor attraction to thrive in the post-covid world, and this evening I’m running a Mental Fitness online group. An exciting Monday for me!


        Tell us a bit about yourself.

        I grew up in Stoke in the early 80s and saw first hand how communities could be decimated by action which put profit before people. I left Stoke to go to uni in London (first in my family to do so) and  have lived here ever since. My early career was working in the public sector, in transport and in local government and I’ve also set up social enterprises and charities. I guess I’ve always had a strong ethos of ‘service’, which hasn’t always come from a healthy place- but it’s a core part of who I am. Outside of work I like hiking, CrossFit, gardening, historical fiction and naps. I didn’t take all of this from my Tinder profile- honest!


        Can you give us an outline of the work you do and how it supports men? 

        WT: For the last few years I’ve changed direction and am now a life and Mental Fitness Coach. Life Coaching isn’t always well understood, but basically it’s about getting from where you are, to where you want to be, and this can be in any aspect of your life. Think of a personal trainer in a gym- they are a coach. A physical coach: they will understand your current level of fitness, if you have any physical limitations like an injury and what your goal is from being in a gym. Do you want to lose weight, get a 6-pack or improve your strength? They’ll then work with you to build a plan- which will include what you do in the gym, but could include a food plan, or even working on your mindset.

        I work in the same way in my life coaching work. I’ll help you to see what your current thinking and lifestyle is like and how it’s working for you- on not (usually not!). We’ll work on what you do want from your life- anything from a new job, a better relationship with someone, or how to be happier. This is often harder than it sounds- if I asked you ‘what does a happy life look like for you.?’ a lot of people would struggle to know deep down what this looks like for them. That’s ok- that’s where a life coach can help!

        Once you know where you want to get to, I then support people to get there, through one to one or group coaching. Supporting you, being your biggest supporter, helping you when things don’t turn out as you’d expected. People often say that it’s life changing having someone who is 100% focussed on them and their goals. Someone who is totally present for them. Most people never get to experience this through their friendships and relationships.


        What are the key issues affecting the mental health of the men you work with?

        WT: Mental Fitness and mental health is much the same as physical fitness. If you want to run a marathon, or lose weight  you don’t just do one practice run or go to to the gym once- you create a routine, learn the skills of how to run well or workout in the gym, and repeat those, learning and improving as you go. You work out what works for you- if going to a gym after work is just too much, maybe you try in the morning- or switch to doing some sports at the weekend?

        I find that guys often don’t know the tools and the skills to keep us well through the tough times that life can bring- I know I didn’t! And no-one really teaches us what they are, or supports us to learn them- it takes time, and practice.

        I’m increasingly seeing guys dealing with more than one difficult thing at the same time- work stresses, money worries, relationship problems and perhaps the biggest of all is how we see ourselves and think about ourselves as we go through this. Am I good enough? Am I failing? Does it have to be so hard? The world in the last few years just seems to be going from one crisis to another, and this is understandably adding to the pressures.

        For some guys, they’d say their mental health and fitness is already good but they’re looking for something else- a bit of a boost- taking their performance to the next level.


        And what does success look like for these men?

        Success is different for each of us, but basically it’s about being more comfortable with ourselves, happier with where we are and what we’re doing, and having hope that when life doesn’t go as planned, we can get through it.

        The 6-week Mental Fitness starter course I run is a great place to start- it gives guys the tools and techniques around mental fitness, which includes daily practice via an app, video and audio tools and guides. There’s also a small, supportive group of other guys who meet each week to support each other and check in each day via WhatsApp. Guys find it really helpful to know they are not alone and to have that extra support.


        How would a man from Manchester access your life coaching service?

        Get it touch- it would be great to hear from you. I run separate groups for straight and gay men.

        I’m at , and on Instagram @headfit and @gayheadfit 


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