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      Thomas Carr

        Every year in the UK, alcohol-related harm leads to thousands of lives being lost, and hundreds of thousands more damaged. The harm goes far beyond those who drink too much, affecting families, communities, and ultimately our whole society. Alcohol Change UK have reported that there are around 600,000 dependent drinkers in England, and around 200,000 children living with an alcohol dependent parent or carer (1).

        Therefore, I believed that partaking in Dry January is a great way to kick-start your year in a healthy fashion and there are so many benefits to doing so, for example:
        • 86% of participants save money when following the scheme
        • 70% of participants said they had better sleep
        • 66% of participants have more energy when they stop drinking during January
        (Alcohol Change UK)

        So why not get yourselves involved this year in a month long sobriety exercise designed to improve your health and improve the lives of others. Follow the link to Alcohol Change UK’s website to find out more about what you can do and the benefits you may experience.

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