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      Daniel Roberts

        Lets talk about vaping, what is it ? why the craze?

        The action or practice of inhaling and exhaling vapour containing nicotine and flavouring produced by a device designed for this purpose.

        What exactly does vaping do?

        An e-cigarette, vape pen or other electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) heats a liquid of nicotine, flavouring, propylene glycol and other additives into an aerosol that you inhale through a mouthpiece. Vaping can cause breathing problems, organ damage, addiction and other conditions.

        We can spot them from a mile away. Vapers—disappearing in a huge cloud of smoke every time they take a hit. Their cars look like fog machines if they are vaping while driving, and they are visible in public as well. But is vaping cool? Does being surrounded by a huge cloud of white smoke enhance the image of the vaper? Not necessarily. Yet at least among young people, vaping is on the rise.

        e-cigarettes are attractive to young people who would not otherwise smoke cigarettes. Indeed, while many adults use e-cigarettes as a substitute for conventional cigarettes, they observe that fewer than 8 percent of young people use them for this reason. Instead, citing a 2017 survey of youth and young adults, they note that reasons commonly cited for using e-cigarettes include curiosity, convenience, and social bonding. In addition, continued e-cigarette use was motivated partially by taste—with young people expressing a preference for flavours mimicking fruit or dessert.

        Continue the conversation -what vape flavour do you have ? let me know your thoughts ?

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