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NHS prescription charge increase



The price of an NHS prescription will be increasing as of April 1st 2023. The NHS prescription charge will rise to £9.65. This is an increase of 30p from the original price of £9.35.

People are encouraged to purchase a Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC) where you can save money depending on how many prescriptions you get per month.

This would cost £31.25 for 3 months or £111.60 for 12 months (patients can spread the cost and pay in 10 monthly instalments).

The NHS have said that people who pay for their NHS prescriptions could save with a PPC. Rather than paying £9.65 for each prescription, the 3 and 12 month PPC covers unlimited NHS prescriptions for the one-off set price. This means if people need 4 or more items in 3 months, or 12 or more items in 12 months they will save money by buying a PPC. How much they can save depends on the number of prescriptions they need each month.

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